#oasis-online interviews!!!!    —> The_Fool
20 Questions about life love and everything else…


[#oasis]    You find yourself trapped in an elevator for 1 (one) whole day, pick 3 (three) chatters    to be trapped with you and state WHY.
[The_Fool]  Well firstly Barbie.  I will try to convince her to strip and she wont… that will keep me busy for a long time.

Secondly pinochio.  He will cheer me on and in the end i will have my hands full to keep him away from Barbie… busy again.
Lastly I think I want Jinxie there. Basically thats a girl I want to meet and test if she can drink more than me 🙂

[#oasis]    If you were stranded on an island for an unknown time, and could pick 3 (three) things to be given to you, what would you pick?
[The_Fool]   Firstly I would take a lot of sigarettes.
Secondly I would take some more just to be sure!
Thirdly I am a Rambo so i know how to catch fish and get food so… I hope that Milly will send me the promised pocket pussy lol

[#oasis]    Who do you think is the Funniest chatter on IRC?
[The_Fool]   Ok there is a lot and everyone has his/her own style. You get the pinochio style, Milly style, DeeDee style etc. I can’t name just one sorry 🙂

[#oasis]    Who is the sexiest female chatter on IRC? 😉
[The_Fool]   Damn thats difficult! Ones I have met or one who’s pic I have seen? Met —> Swa Pic —> WhiteWabbit

[#oasis]    Sometimes you spend quite a lot of time in the company of a chatter from the opposite sex, feelings can develop, do you think
online-dating can be successful?
[The_Fool]   Mmmm lol. It has not been successfull for me 😛

[#oasis]    What is the craziest thing you’ve EVER done in your life?
[The_Fool]   Hijack a boat (No more bloody info ok!)

[#oasis]    Tell us a joke.
[The_Fool]   Its flight SAA303 from Jhb to London. After take off the Captain gets on the mic and says: Good afternnon ladies and gentleman, welcome
to flight SAA 303 on route from Jhb to London. We are currently flying at 50 000 feet and… OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! he suddenly shouts.
the plane makes a few buckles and then stabilises. After a few awkward seconds of silence he gets back on the mic again. I am sorry about that ladies and gentleman.
The stewardess accidently poured my hot coffee aal over my pants… you should see the mess on the front of my pants. Pissed off a guy shouts from the back of the plane:
You stupid asshole you should see the mess at the back of my pants!!!!!!!!

[#oasis]    What is your favorite : color, food, movie ?
[The_Fool]   Blue (please take note I hate the BULLS!!!!)
The Sosaties (Kebabs) as only my mom can make them
The Matrix (excellent mindfuck)

[#oasis]    What cd/radio station do you listen to when u drive?
[The_Fool]   None… they stole my fargin radio 😦

[#oasis]    What are you most afraid of?
[The_Fool]   Not knowing where shit comes from. I call it that “shot in the dark” It makes me crazy

[#oasis]    If you were re-incarnated as an animal in your next life, what would you be?
[The_Fool]   A rich ladies little pooksie

[#oasis]    Have you had a sexual relationship with a fellow chatter? -Don’t worry, we wont ask who lol-
[The_Fool]   Lmao shabbab /me wonders how the hell he’s gonna get outta this one lol. Yes.

[#oasis]    IF you are walking down the street and stumbled upon a wallet, would you try and find the owner?
[The_Fool]   Lmao yes after I cleaned out my reward 😀

[#oasis]    What pisses you off most in life?
[The_Fool]   People that underestimate my integrity and stupid people.

[#oasis]    Define the word love in as few words as possible.
[The_Fool]   It is something you have for your kids.

[#oasis]    Is it true that <dalktognet> is hung like a horse?
{The_Fool]   Bwhahahaha I am glad I dont know that answer 😛

[#oasis]    Do you have a motto/slogan you live by?
{The_Fool]   Yes I do. “If you cannot accept me for who I am, I will irritate you by accepting you for who you are”

[#oasis]    Do you believe that there is ‘other’ intelligent life forms in outer space?
[The_Fool]   There must be, its a big ass sky out there

[#oasis]    Choose one : cat | dog
{The_Fool]   Just got myself an 8 week old pussy 🙂

[#oasis]    What’s your ‘New-Years Resolution’?
[The_Fool]   To do everything I have done by now again

[#oasis]   If you could choose any chatter to take out for  a romantic picnic..Who would you take?

[The_Fool]   Star  (just because that would piss her off!)


[#oasis]    Ok, so we are done…What are you going to do right after this interview?
[The_Fool]     watch a movie with my son. Its not porn only because he is to young 🙂




2 Responses to “The_Fool”

  1. bwaaaa haaa haaaa @ Shot in the dark….LEGEND!!!

  2. O_o @ sexiest chatter. Dirty ole perv 😛

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