!! Snapshot Competition !!

Competition time again!

Are you a photographer?  Amateur or professional?  Are you neither and  just happy to take some snaps of something you really like?  SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!!

Can you take a memorable snapshot??

Take a pic of ANYTHING you like and if you think it is worth showing off to the world then mail to us @ oasischatroom@gmail.com

The winning picture will be voted for by YOU!!  Please choose carefully and decide which one is worthy of the prize!


R50 Airtime for the participant with the best picture


Participants may enter their 2 (TWO) best pics from now until the 25th of June.  So you have loads of time folks!!  Email us @ oasischatroom@gmail.com with Subject line : Snapshot comp.  The winner will be announced the 1st of August 2011  (voting will commence from 25 June till 31st July).  The picture with the most votes will be selected as the winner.  The decision will be final and the results made public.  The winner will recieve airtime worth R50 for the service provider of their choice (Cell C, Vodacom, MtN).  NO DOWNLOADED pics will be accepted (trust us, we will check), it MUST be your OWN WORK.   Best of luck to you all.  🙂

The Picture Gallery

Please click on image to enlarge

the landing - by Tokkie

sunset over orange river into namibia- by Tokkie

Jack & Jill- by Ariel

windmill- by Ariel

the big day- by Bakgat|bokkie

little rascals- by Bakgat|bokkie

railway tracks- Pagan|Knotty

in living color- by Pagan|Knotty

all its glory- by Raist

till death us do part- by Raist

Sinfonia pool deck- by Mystery|GP

Sharks Rugby Emblem Sand Creation- by Mystery|GP

CyTower- by AtlasHugged

Her World At Large- by AtlasHugged

a stream- by SerialKiller

Mermaids- by Littlemountain

crabs- by Littlemountain

you rock you rule- by preamble

burning sky-by vicci

dam at zebula-by vicci

Send us your pics NOW !! oasischattroom@gmail.com  Subject line : Snapshot comp, in the body of the Email:  a name for your image and plz include your nickname.  Thank you and good luck!!

Thank you to all who have submitted pics!

Great pics guys/girls!!  Thank you for taking part in this competition!!  Voting will now commence!!

Due to the number of pics, we have decided that you may vote for more than one pic at a time!  You have a maximum number of three (3) votes per session.  Vote Now!!  And participants, GOOD LUCK!!

The Competition is officially OVER!!

With a winning tally of 21% of total votes, Atlashugged has beaten the competition with his great picture which he aptly named, Her World At Large.   Great work Atlashugged and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Her World At Large - by AtlasHugged


AAAAAND in Second Place!!!!

With 17% of the total votes received, Raist walks away with the Silver medal with this AWESOME Wildlife pic!!  All it’s Glory ,  GREAT job Raist!!!

All it's Glory - by Raist



5 Responses to “!! Snapshot Competition !!”

  1. Wow awesome pics u guys!

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  3. Wow… Atlas and Pagan will have to fight it out. Hands down their’s are the best.

  4. Super cool Rasit love the pics

  5. next competition wen ?

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