!! Super XV Rugby !!

—-   IT’s TIME   —-

Yes rugby fans!  It is that time of the year again where all the best Southern-Hemisphere rugby teams fight for glory!  This year we have fifteen (15) teams competing, so it should be one hell of a season!  Here you will be able to track your favorite team’s progress and also be up to date with fixtures.  Check back every Monday to see updated Log standings and results  of the weekends matches.

New Super Rugby Format

SuperRugby (The Super15) will run until July in a world cup year and until August in non-World Cup years. Super Rugby fans will see 125 matches instead of 94, with at least 40 matches played in each of the SANZAR countries.

There will be three pools or geographic conferences each containing five teams.

Australia, South Africa and New Zealand will each host one pool and the new 15th team will participate in the Australian pool.

The new team is from Melbourne and they are the Melbourne Rebels.

The tournament will start in late February each year with a couple of exceptions.

In 2011 and other world cup years the tournament will start earlier to make space for the world cup.

British and Irish Lions tour years (ie. 2013) could also see the tournament being forced to start two to three weeks earlier.

How the new Super Rugby format will work

The tournament will start with a series of teams playing the other teams in their own conference. From the second round teams will start to move through the rest of the teams in their conference and in the other conferences.

Teams will play each team in their own conference twice – home and away but in the other conferences they will only play four of the five teams in both of the other conferences. Therefore, the Bulls for example could miss playing the Crusaders miss out on playing the Melbourne Rebels but the Crusaders play the Blues and the other New Zealand teams twice in the regular season.

Teams will play eight domestic matches and eight away matches for a total of 16 round-robin games.

A winner from each conference will be determined from the results. Each conference will have one winner and therefore Australia, South Africa and New Zealand will each be gauranteed to have one team participating in the finals. Where these teams finish will determine home advantage for the play offs.

In week 1 of the finals the two conference winners with the highest points will be rewarded with a week off. The conference winner with the lowest points or the third placed team will enter a sudden death play off with the sixth placed team.

Also in week 1 the team placed fourth at the end of the regular season will play the fifth placed team. The winners of the first week of play offs then go through to face the first and second placed team who had just had the week off in the semi-finals.

QF1.) Team 3 vs Team 6
QF2.) Team 4 vs Team 5

The first placed team from the regular season will play the team who won the match between the fourth and fifth placed teams in week 1 of the play offs.

The second placed team from the regular season plays the team that won the match between the third and sixth placed team.

SF1.) Team 1 vs Winner QF 2.
SF2.) Team 2 v Winner QF 1.

The final will be made up by the teams who won the semi-finals.

Final Winner SF1 v SF2

Home advantage will be given to the team that finished highest on the overall table in the regular season.

In an ordinary year (not a world cup year) the tournament will take a break in June (not in 2011) when the All Blacks, Springboks and Wallabies will host tours from international teams – historically from the Northern Hemisphere – these are usually known as the June tours. Once the June tours are complete, the Super 15 resumes and the finals start.

NOTE: Due to 2011 being a Rugby World Cup year the June Internationals have been suspended across the board. From 2012 the June internationals as we now know them will become the June tours. In 2012, England will tour South Africa in 2012, Ireland will tour New Zealand and Wales will tour Australia.

Super Rugby Finals

The new format for the Super Rugby finals is an expanded format and will feature six teams rather than the Super14’s four team format. The six teams will be made up of the conference winners and the three next best teams with the highest total number of points. The top two ranked conference winners get a first round bye in the playoffs.

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Final standings

Super 15 Final standings


Final Conference Standings

Super 15 Final Conference Standings

PLEASE NOTE : The SuperXV Tournament has already started Friday 18th February at 08:35 (S.A. Time), if you would still like to join the Pool, please note that you are 2 games down and have a slight disadvantage to other players.


Some images were taken from superXV(dot)com and this website is in no way , shape or form affiliated with that website.  The images shown on this page are merely per illustration of the new super 15 rugby format, fixtures and logs.  Fixtures showing specific kick-off times are subject to change without notice. #oasis or the oasis team will not be held responsible for any loss, inconvenience, liabilty or other resulting from the information showed on this page.


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