!! Blue Jean Competition !! (over)

~Something for the ladiez!~

Rules of engagement

The rules are very simple… You simply choose who you think deserves the title of King of Jeans of #oasis. You may vote for more than one pic, but you may vote ONLY ONCE, so please…DO choose carefully when at the voting pad.  Due to clever programming, repeated voters’ votes will be blocked via a cookie trace program as well as via IP-address.  This will ensure that a true winner is picked.  The pic with the most votes will win, the decision will be final, and the name of the chatter will be anounced on Wednesday, 20  October 2010 .  The voting will officially launch on Wednesday, 15 September, and voting will remain open to the public untill Sunday, 17 October 2010. Participants may enter a maximum of 3 (three) pics.   Every male  chatter may enter, including OPS.  Both men AND women are allowed to vote.  Enjoy!!



..–**The Contenders!**–..


jean1                                                                                                                                                                            jean2

jean3                                                                                                                                                                             jean4

jean5                                                                                                                                                                                jean6

jean7                                                                                                                                                                              jean8
















jean9                                                                                                                                                                           jean10



jean11                                                                                                                                                                       jean12















..–**The Prize**–..

The “King of Jeans” will walk away strutting his stuff with a bottle of either Johnny Walker REd lable whiskey, or KWV export Brandy, whichever it be his poison.  Also, a pair of Authentic Levi Jeans in his size.


A Word from the Editors

Good luck guys!  Lets see what the ladies have to say! Thanx for the pics!

posted by The_Fool

hehe, nice pics lads, may the best man win, best of luck to you!  oh and thanx for entering, lol

posted by dalktognet

..–**VOTING IS OVER!!!  **–..

Congratulations to jean9 !!!


The winning Bum –>


The Ladies of #oasis think that freddy_Kruger should from now on be known as : The King of Jeans 2010 !!!!



15 Responses to “!! Blue Jean Competition !! (over)”

  1. Oo0oh cant wait *eg*

  2. No 8 is just wrong i tell you WRONG ! That person should be banned and kicked on site !

  3. I vote for 5,6,7

    but jeeeeze take nr 4 and 8 off LOL

  4. lol well hmmm ermm urgh uhm pfft lets see what the other guys send in so far so good tnx for all the entries guys!!!let the bumz roll mwah

  5. Here comes another number 9 win !!! YUMM

  6. lol @ another nr 9 win,lets see mwah go0d luck guys

  7. i’ll vote for number 10 🙂
    thanks for entering guys, now we are almost even for the cleavage contest, lol. i wonder who’se bum i am perving on, hehe.

  8. number 9 and number 10 gets my vote!!

  9. Nr also gets my vote hehe

  10. Well Helooooooooooo there No. 12 and 13 🙂

  11. Daai jeans wat so uhm “optrek” lyk nogal dodgy…

  12. NO 9 ftw !

  13. LOL ai ai mooiste boudjies en hoorie nommer 8 sjoe jyt regtig smart skoene gaan mooi met die bum hair LOL

  14. jean 14 ftw – nice belt 😉

  15. wd freddy 😛 nou gaan girls jou pla hahaha

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