!! Cleavage Competition !! (over)

Rules of engagement

The rules are very simple… You simply choose who you think deserves the title of Miss Cleavage of #oasis.  You may vote for more than one pic, but you may vote ONLY ONCE, so please…DO choose carefully when at the voting pad.  Due to clever programming, repeated voters’ votes will be blocked via a cookie trace program as well as via IP-address.  This will ensure that a true winner is picked.  The pic with the most votes will win, the decision will be final, and the name of the chatter will be anounced on Wednesday, 1st September 2010 (Spring Day!!!!).  The voting will officially launch on Monday, 16 August, and voting will remain open to the public until Tuesday. 31 August 2010. Participants may enter a maximum of 3 (three) pics.   Every female chatter may enter, including OPS.  Both men AND women are allowed to vote.  Enjoy!!

The contenders!

clea1                                                           clea2

clea4                                                                 clea5

clea6                                                                                          clea7

clea8                                                                                              clea9

clea3                                                                                                                                     clea10

clea11                                                                                                                                                                  clea12


**********Pleas note**********

All pics of participants have been added..  The voting will now be officially OPEN!

..–**The PRIZE**–..

The winner will be crowned Miss Cleavage 2010 of #oasis, and to help her celebrate, our own [Sukuki] chatter will be sponsoring a lovely bottle of true South-African Champagne!!!  So not only will the winning lady have bragging rights to “I HAVE THE COOLEST BEWBIES”, but also nice bubbly to kick the celebrations off with!! WOOOHOOOO!!! 🙂


A Biiiig thanx to all participants!!!  You are Fabulous Ladiez!!!  Well, the votes have been “counted” and the pic with the most votes turned out to be numbers 8 and 9 (equal number of votes).  Those bewbies belong to Bakgat|bokkieSo CONGRATZ GIRL!!! You are crowned Miss Cleavage of #oasis 2010!!

Dark-Desire’s entry (clea10) recieved the second highest number of votes, with BarbiE’s entry (clea4) right behind her.  😉


19 Responses to “!! Cleavage Competition !! (over)”

  1. clea9 !!!!

  2. This is gonna be interesting!

  3. Lol

  4. Thank You all brave ladiez for entering!! Good Luck!! C’mon boys, let’s hear what you have to say!

  5. 9. without a doubt. yumm

  6. So many ladies! So little time. Pity I can’t vote for my own! I agree with clea9 looking good. Let me go choose now and vote.

  7. Clea8 , 9 , 12 , Very sexy , Love it

  8. Ek’t heeltemal die pad byster geraak hier. Hoera. Vir. Tieties.

  9. Dalkiez jou perv!!!

  10. clea 8 you go girl woooooooo hoooo !!!!!!!!!

  11. they’re all so wonderful, but if i had to choose the best, it would be a tie between either clea 4 or clea 10.

  12. Def 9 or 10 but I voted 9..shows just enough to wanna see more and a beautiful ermmmm arrangement of the lungs. I wont say who I am as I still wanna have nuts left after this

  13. No 9 lyk fenomenaal!

  14. i need to see clea 9 naked to make better judgement

  15. Hahahaha ja daemon I should have known….

  16. Pictures 8,9,12,looks awesome,i would also like to visit this chatroom one fine day,just to piss of the operators,i cast my vote to them,i hope chrissy wins this one lol,cheers

  17. Very interesting post! 🙂

  18. some of the pictures look fake

  19. definitively clea 10!!!
    man are those some cute boobies:D

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