Trivia Masters

Trivia Champs Hall of Fame

Here you will see the smartest and  brightest Chatters in #oasis !

Period ending July 2011

Trivia King –>  Mystery|GP (6410)

Best Streak –> Mona (13)

Fastest correct answer given  –> Christy (3,812 secs)

Record WPM (words per minute) –> Morticia (37.53 wpm)

Congrats to our champs!!

Period ending August 2011

Trivia King –> Mystery|GP (9870)

YET AGAIN!!!   And even improved his score!! Well done!  Almost won best streak too!  Near win at (20)

Best Streak –> fmal2520 (21)

Fastest correct answer given  –> xyzzy (4 seconds FLAT)

Record WPM (words per minute) –> WinKingNinja (29.48 wpm)

These Chatters JUST missed out!

3rd place : Loskopdolla (5050)

4th place : Audrey (3690)

5th place : omega (2690)

Congrats to our champs!!

Competition time again!!

From Sept 1 (SPRING DAY YAY!!!!) we will be having a Trivia Competition where the winner will walk away with some cool prizes!!  Prizes will be announced soon so stay tuned folks!!!

The comp will run from Sept 1 2011, till Oct 1 2011.  So you have a whole month to beat your fellow competitors!!

The game will kick off on Sept 1 at 9PM sharp!  Get your thinking caps on and let ’em be polished!!! 🙂


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